Costume slant daily can wear out and don't create too much good, after all, but if take a taxi or drive it doesn't matter what the car is best in good or in overcoat outside covering a write a lot of people don't understand, after all, though buried please forgive me is a term waste their own interests but many quarrels or unnecessary right? To show the child can be played in the COSPLAY is generally referred to as the COSPLAYER. COSPLAY is special explanation is imitation, dress up the role of the virtual world were mostly sponsored brands, Especially are provided at the end of the play behind the words "clothing provided by company", general big stars are sponsoring company, and his clothes are too high not suitable for wearing in the TV series. The little actor, is mostly own ~ and, of course, if the cast is specified with the clothes they have to wear a cast and provide! If you like they have special film clothing store
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